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HI! I'm Dayna Jean Wolter
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I'm an evil giraffe. If you'd like to learn how to eat all the juciest leaves from the tree, send me a message.  Oh, and I also teach people how to basically be a real life Bene Gesserit Witch by mastering their voice and utilizing the sacred tones and frequencies of creation to do supernaturally powerful shit. And, if you happen to have a yearning to pick up a sword and be a new age spiritual warrior, I teach that too. Fill out the contact form below to let me know if you're interested in awakening your inner most mystical badass self. 

HI! I'm Tangee Cassidy
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I'm a befuddled time traveler. If you too crave the glamour, adventure and anxiety of bending time, send me a message.    I can not guarantee your safe return, but I can promise it'll be one helluva trip. When I manage to get myself firmly anchored in a timeline I like to teach people about witchcraft, spiritual nutiriton and kitchenwitchery. Fill out the contact form below if you're interested in learning the ways of magick, cookery or interdemensional time travel. 


Shit's about to get Wyrd!

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